Sean Stowell, MD PhD

Sean Stowell is a transfusion medicine physician-scientist at Emory University School of Medicine.  He received his MD and PhD degrees from Emory, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.  After completion of medical school, he stayed at Emory to obtain clinical training in laboratory and transfusion medicine. Sean’s lab brings diverse expertise in glycobiology, immunology, microbiology and transfusion medicine together to study fundamental questions that reside at the unique interface of these disciplines.  In doing so, his lab hopes to translate basic and clinical research findings to enhance the care of patients with autoimmunity, infectious disease or any condition requiring transfusion or transplantation.

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Current Lab Members

  • Connie Arthur

    Connie Arthur

    Post doctoral fellow (T32)
    PhD in Biochemistry (Emory University)

    Currently works on understanding factors responsible for the development and consequence of naturally occurring antibodies against ABO(H) blood group antigens.

  • Seema Patel

    Seema Patel

    Post doctoral fellow
    PhD in Immunology (Emory University)

    Currently is working on characterizing the binding specificity of carbohydrate binding proteins toward carbohydrate ligands. She is also interested in examining the impact of microbial exposure on the development of naturally occurring anti-blood group antibodies.

  • Amanda Mener

    Amanda Mener

    MD PhD student in Immunology graduate program, BS (Stanford)

    Studies the factors that influence the development of antibodies toward red blood cell alloantigens following transfusion.

  • Nourine Ahmed Kamili

    Nourine Ahmed Kamili

    MD PhD student in Immunology, BS Emory

    Studies the factors that regulate the ability of galectins to kill microbes that express blood group-like antigens.

  • Ashley Bennett

    Ashley Bennett

    Lab Manager
    BS Agnes Scott

    Aids in all studies in the lab and oversees a variety of red blood cell alloimmunization experiments.

  • Jianmei Wang

    Jianmei Wang


    Provides technical help on the development and implementation of various glycan microarray platforms.

  • Patty Zerra

    Patty Zerra

    MD University of Connecticut

    Studies factors that influence the development of inhibitors to fVIII as part of co-mentored collaboration with Dr. Shannon Meeks, an expert in inhibitor biology in patients with hemophilia.

  • Bessie Chou

    Bessie Chou

    Medical student

  • Ethan Roback

    Ethan Roback


  • Satheesh Chonat

    Satheesh Chonat

    Assistant Professor
    MD Bangalore University
  • Cheryl Maier

    Cheryl Maier

    MD PhD Yale University
  • Birk Evavold

    Birk Evavold


  • Ryan Jajosky

    Ryan Jajosky

    MD Augusta University
  • Caleb Stowell

    Lab Technician

Past Lab Members

  • Deepti Rao

    Deepti Rao

    HS student

    Undergraduate at Washington University

  • Marina Bello

    Marina Bello

    Brazil, Graduate student
  • Matt Merrell

    Matt Merrell

    Research associate

  • Lilian Cataldi-Rodrigues

    Lilian Cataldi-Rodrigues

    Brazil, Research associate