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After receiving training in Zoology as an undergraduate, Sean completed a combined MD PhD degree at Emory University.  He received his research training in graduate school in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Cummings, where he focused on the specificity of carbohydrate binding proteins for various carbohydrate ligands in addition to defining the impact of carbohydrate binding protein-carbohydrate interactions in the regulation of innate and adaptive immunity.

During medical school, he shifted his focus on understanding innate immune factors that provide protection against ABO(H) blood group molecular mimicry and identified a unique form of immunity that appears to regulate naturally occurring anti-ABO(H) blood group antibody formation.

During residency, Sean continued to work with Dr. Richard Cummings, while also working with Dr. Jeanne Hendrickson on the development of animal models to study fundamental concepts within transfusion medicine.  During this time, Sean also received clinical training in laboratory and transfusion medicine.

Sean’s lab now seeks to integrate previous training in glycobiology, immunology, microbiology and transfusion medicine to answer fundamental questions that reside at the key interface of these disciplines. He also currently oversees the clinical apheresis unit at Emory University Hospital.